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Sphecodes olivieri Lepeletier, 1825


  • Sphecodes collaris Spinola, 1843
  • Sphecodes subpunctulatus Sichel, 1865
  • Sphecodes hispanicus abyssinicus Sichel, 1865
  • Sphecodes ruficornis Sichel, 1865
  • Sphecodes punctulatus Sichel, 1865
  • Sphecodes rufithorax Morawitz, 1876
  • Sphecodes verticalis von Hagens, 1882
  • Sphecodes desertus Nurse, 1903
  • Sphecodes chionospilus Cockerell, 1911
  • Sphecodes chionospilus sanguinatus Cockerell, 1911
  • Sphecodes tenuis Meyer, 1920
  • Sphecodes olivieri niveatus Meyer, 1925


The species Sphecodes olivieri Lepeletier, 1825 has by now no sponsor. You can take the sponsorship for Sphecodes olivieri Lepeletier, 1825 and here at this place your name and your foto would be placed.

With the sponsorship you support the further development, data update and improvment of data quality for all HymIS-projects.

If you have questions, just send us an email. If you want to take a sponsorship for a species, please send us an email (sponsorship@hymis.net) with your name and a picture with not more than 1 MB and of course the name of the species you want to adopt.

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