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Andrena fuscosa Erichson, 1835


  • Andrena aethiops Imhoff, 1832
  • Andrena fuscosa fuscosa Erichson, 1835
  • Andrena rutila Spinola, 1838
  • Andrena fuscosa rutila Spinola, 1838
  • Andrena ephippium Spinola, 1838
  • Andrena xanthoscelis Brullé, 1839
  • Andrena dorsalis Lepeletier, 1841
  • Andrena lepeletieri Lucas, 1849
  • Andrena ruficornis Smith, 1853
  • Andrena atrocoerulea Giraud, 1863
  • Andrena dagestanica Radoszkowski, 1867
  • Andrena dilecta Mocsáry, 1879
  • Andrena jucunda Pérez, 1895
  • Andrena ephippium cleopatra Friese, 1899
  • Andrena cyprica Cockerell, 1910
  • Andrena ephippium pallipes Friese, 1914
  • Andrena ephippium flavipennis Friese, 1914
  • Andrena ephippium rufocincta Friese, 1914
  • Andrena dorsatula Viereck, 1918
  • Andrena ephippium rubriventris Friese, 1922
  • Andrena ankarae Alfken, 1935


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